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Tobin Lake - For a larger, printable map click here

Codette Lake - For a larger view & printable map click here

Fishing Regulations - Tobin Lake

No walleye or Sauger between 55cm (21.7 in.) and 86cm (33.9 in.) long may be taken

  • No northern Pike between 75cm (29.5 in.) and 115cm (45.3 in.) may be taken
  • Barbless Hooks are obligatory

These limits are in effect from the Francois Finlay Dam to the E.B. Campbell Dam, and extended to include all portions of the Petaigan River, which flows into Petaigan Bay on Tobin Lake.

Anglers are allowed to catch the limit for each fish species on a single day. At any time, possession limit is no more than the limit for each species. The limit includes the fish you have in your possession, while fishing, at camp, during transportation, and at home.  

                Northern Pike - 4
                Walleye/Sauger - 3
                Burbot - 8
                Goldeye - 8
                Perch - 25
                Sturgeon - No limit
Only 1 Walleye/Sauger may exceed 86 cm (33.9 in.) 
Only 1 Northern Pike may exceed 115 cm (45.3 in.)

Minnows - preserved or frozen only - Live minnows are prohibited for use as bait in Saskatchewan - Leeches - must be purchased in province - Imports from other countries or provinces are not permitted.

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